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How to Share Videos on TubeMate in 3 Fast Steps

Shaun M Jooste


Your curiosity led you to download TubeMate, you’ve learned how to use save YouTube videos, and now you’re ready to roll. We’re sure you’ve found many items that made you laugh, cry, or sing. 

The next step is working out how to share videos on TubeMate with your family and friends so they can enjoy it with you. We’re going to spend a brief moment showing the best way to so do.

  1. Search for video

    How to Share Videos on TubeMate

    Before you can share anything, you’ll need to find a video that’s interesting, hilarious, or thought-provoking. How it works is that TubeMate will share a link to the video with the recipients. All you need to do at this stage is insert text into the search bar for any topic, band, or song.

  2. Select Share button

    How to Share Videos on TubeMate

    When you find the video you want to share with someone, select the Menu option on the bottom of your screen. You’ll see several options available, one of which is “Share.” After a new window appears, you’ll need to click on “Share this video.”

  3. Choose sharing platform

    How to Share Videos on TubeMate

    You’ve reached the final step. A new window will appear that shows the message that the recipient will receive. Once you’re happy with it, click on “Submit.” TubeMate will provide you with a list of options as to where or how you would like to share it. 

    After you click on one of them, you’ll need to insert the last details and tap on “Post” or “Send.” It all depends on which option you chose. A social media platform will post to your feed, while an email will require an email address.

Share far and wide

TubeMate is an excellent YouTube downloader when you’re wanting to save any media to your phone. Of course, sharing the content is just as much fun, especially if you have a close friend that enjoys the same things as you. 

So, head on over to your favorite videos and start making them go viral!

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